At Allen Technology Advising we manage every aspect of technology for the clients that we have the pleasure of serving. 



Our public safety clients sleep well at night because they let us deploy our 6 step defense for securing their network and computers.


Making everything work all of the time is an art and a science. We have been perfecting this for 18 years and have clients like Clear Creek Sheriff that have never had critical system go down in 17 years. Actually they have but they didn’t notice because of the business continuity measures we put in place (we do something very similar for our 10 person clients as well).


Our clients want to use technology as a tool to make money and save time. At Eldorado Springs Water Company, for example, they have found cost savings and better performance by not buying desktop computers for the staff.

Why is all of that important? 

Because your business depends on technology. As such, issues should be minimal and support should be instantly available, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Clients like Evergreen Vision demands a close relationship with us that allows them to grow with technology while staying on a realistic budget.